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Published on: 4/30/19

Good news everyone, the official krunker discord server and MMOK are doing a colab together. This is in celebration of the Krunker discord server reaching 50,000 users.

From the Krunker Discord server:

Hello everyone ! In celebration of hitting Krunker Bunker 50k discord members, we will be hosting a joint map competition with them! In addition to boosted raffles and prizes in Krunker Bunker, we will begin a map tournament for people to enter it starting NOW! Before jumping into it, we ask you follow map requirements for them to qualify as listed below.

Map Qualifications:

<1> - must have over 800 objects and less than 1,500 objects

<2> - must be able to support 1-8 players

<3> - be built to support FFA, Hardpoint and CTF (competitive play)

<4> - minimal out of bounds and other map glitches and exploits

<5> - avoid rotated objects with collisions, object clipping, & unnecessary detail (where possible)

<6> - avoid areas that look like they are accessible when they are not

The winners of the competition will receive:

<1st_Place> - 100k KR + Verification (10k extra KR if already verified), and a chance to have your map added to the official map rotation

<2nd_Place> - 75k KR + Verification (10k extra KR if already verified)

<3rd_Place> - 50k KR + Verification (10k extra KR if already verified)

<4th_Place> - 30k KR

<5th_Place> - 20k KR


# Map submission deadline is May 25th** - Judging will run and finish from May 25th to May 31st, if not sooner.

# If maps are deemed worthy enough, they may have the possibility of entering the official map rotation.

# Newly created maps are preferred, but existing maps of your creation may be entered.

# Collaborations are accepted but KR prize will be shared evenly. Verification will be applied to all group members. Limited to 1 map per user or collaborative group. Each group can have a maximum of 3 members.

# Official Krunker Bunker Discord Server -

# We ask that all maps made be submitted using the following form -

Good Luck to everyone